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"Fain would they put out the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light however much the disbelievers are averse." — Holy Qur'an 61:8


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:: Candle Post #102 :: Da'i Al-Mu'ayyad's Pledge of Loyalty, Love, Obedience and Piety ::

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Ya Ali Madad and Salgirah Mubarak! On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Noor Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam (a.s.), we would like to extend Salgirah Mubarak to the global jamat. Let us pray for health and well being of our beloved Noor Mowlana Hazar Imam and all the members of the Noorani Family! Ameen.

Part 1: Festival Greeting Card

In this Salgirah message, I have used the festival card prepared by (Maroom) Alwaez Rai Amiraly Amlani to illustrate the fundamental concept of Imamat and perpetual guidance. Please reflect on the Hadith of our Holy Prophet on the festival card and just assess where would we be without the guidance and vision of a present and living Holy Imam? May NOOR Mowlana Hazar Imam and the Noorani family be blessed with peace, prosperity and happiness. Ameen.



Part 2: Who was Da'i al-Du'at Al-Mu'ayyad fi'l-Din al-Shirazi?

I have come across two books published by the IIS this year. These are 'Memoirs of a Mission' by Verena Klemm (ISBN 1-85043-422-0 HB) and 'Mount of Knowledge, Sword of Eloquence' by Mohammad Adra (ISBN 978 1 84885 913 5). The first book is a factual account of the life and achievements of Al-Mu'ayyad fi'l-Din al-Shirazi while the second one contains 60 Qasida written by him.

In the preface of her book, Verena Klemm describes the Ismaili Scholar, Statesman and Poet as follows:

"Al-Mu'ayyad fi'l-Din al-Shirazi was one of the most distinguished and gifted personalities of the Ismaili religious and political mission, the da'wa, under the Fatimids. In the heyday of the Fatimid power during the 5th /11th century, he spent most of his life serving the Caliph-Imam al-Mustansir bi'llah (who reigned from 427 to 487 AH/ 1036 to 1094 AD) as a da'i or missionary-agent, in various capacities — administrative, diplomatic, military and religious — eventually attaining the highest rank of da'i al-du'at (chief da'i) in the Fatimid da'wa."

Part 3: Da'i Al-Mu'ayyad's Pledge of Loyalty, Love, Obedience and Piety

Here is an excerpt from Qasida number 11 (pp 102-103) from the book 'Mount of Knowledge, Sword of Eloquence' by Mohammad Adra:

O Mustansir bi'llah! O the friend of Allah!
O the glorious Master of all mankind!
I have set my face firmly and truly towards
your command and submitted to you in every way.
Your face is the illuminating Face of Allah,
and from your light shines like a veil from His Light.
Your hands are the Hands of Allah spread out,
and you are undoubtedly His (manifested) Side.
You are certainly His proof among humankind
and His Sword with a (steadfast) handle-hold.
The return is to you and you are the reckoner;
so blessed is he who returns to that beautiful place.
You compensate the virtuous with good rewards,
and by you are the evildoers condemned.
May Ibn Musa who is devoted to the glory
of your allegiance become a sacrifice for you!
And his ancestors will always remain your
servants of high ranking and the best followers.
May the peace of Allah be upon you,
as long as the rain descends upon the gardens.

Part 4: Recitation of Angelic Salwat

The recitation of angelic salwat tasbi with knowledge, understanding and ardent love leads purification of the soul, spiritual upliftment and enlightenment. It is one of the best ways to demonstrate ardent love to our beloved NOOR Mowlana Hazar Imam. Click here to download a PDF document entitled "Angelic Salwat and Conditions for Harnessing its Full Potential" (14 Questions and Answers).

Let us now present a bouquet of angelic salwats to our beloved Mowla. Real Audio and mp3 sound tracks are available for your convenience.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Allâhumâ salli alâ Muhammadin wa âle Muhammad:
O Allah! Bestow Peace on and through Muhammad and his Descendants

Recited by Noorallah Juma

Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil 'alamin.
Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds!

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Ardent Supplications:
Ya Ali, Ya NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam, create Sunshine in our hearts, light in our foreheads, and bless us all with the inner vision of the Truth!

Ya Ali, Ya NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam, grant the global Jamat luminous (noorani) and spiritual (ruhani) tayid (help) to advance materially, spiritually and intellectually. Ameen.

Haizinda — Qayampaya
(Our Present Imam is Living and His NOOR is Eternal)

Rakh Mowla je Noor te Yaqeen (Certainly, we trust in Mowla's Light only),
Noorallah Juma
Monday, December 12, 2011

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