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"Then those who believe in him, and honour him, and help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him: they are the successful." — Holy Qur'an 7:157


Preparation for Golden Noorani and Golden Jubilee Didars
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Spark No. 10 :: Expansion of the Heart

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Ya Ali Madad! Idd-e-Milad un Nabi Mubarak! In preparation for the celebration of the birthday commemoration of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.), I would like to draw upon three of his great spiritual and luminous experiences:

  1. The silence in his heart;
  2. The expansion of his heart; and
  3. His experience of monoreality.

Please refer to spark no.7 to learn about the silence in his heart and the read the posting below to learn about the expansion of his heart. The third item in the above list will be covered in the next post.

The great experiences of Holy Prophet (s.a.s.) are an inspiration for humanity. Let us reflect on the concept of expansion of the heart and relate it to spiritual and luminous stature of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.):

"Expansion of the Heart (Sharh-i Sadr): Sharh-i Sadr literally means to open the chest, that is, the expansion of the heart, which in turn means the expansion of the human soul, because the centre of the soul is the heart and mind. Although expansion and contraction are the characteristics of the body and not of the soul, yet the world of similitude (mithal), which is subtle and spiritual, is like this world in expansion and breadth, as God says: "And vie one with another for forgiveness from your Lord, and for a paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for those who are righteous." (Holy Qur'an 3:133)

This verse reveals the wisdom that the above-mentioned Paradise is the spiritual form of this Universe, or it is in the form of soul of this huge universe, namely the Universal Soul. It should be understood that, just as everything has a subtle spiritual form, this huge universe also has a subtle, spiritual form, which is the world of similitude, the Paradise mentioned above, as well as the extremely great expansion of the spiritual kind.

As the concept of spiritual expansion is established, the expansion of the heart can also be explained. God says: "Is he whose heart Allah has expanded for Islam and follows (the guidance of) a Light from His Lord (equal to the one who has gone astray)? Then woe unto those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah. Such are in plain error." (Holy Qur'an 39:22)

This verse shows that when a mu'min, melting in fire of true love, is engrossed in the remembrance of God in such a way that he forgets everything, save the remembrance of God, to the extent that he does not know whether he is awake or in the world of dream, his soul expands and then the Light starts to appear.

Regarding the Holy Prophet, the Holy Qur'an says, "Did not We open your heart?" (94:1). This means that the blessed heart of the Prophet, i.e., his pure soul was expanded to the ultimate and as a result he could see the spiritual form of the entire universe in his own pure soul." [Source: Pir Nasir-i Khusraw and Spirituality, pp.33-34]

The fully expanded hearts of the Holy Prophets and the Holy Imams are full of spirituality and luminosity because the whole universe in a subtle form in present in their personal worlds. If a mu'min follows in the footsteps of the Holy Prophets and Holy Imams, then the treasuries of spiritual and luminous worlds also open up. Therefore, a person with an expanded heart has numerous opportunities to present spiritual and luminous nazranas (gifts) to his beloved NOOR Mowlana Hazar Imam.

In preparation for Golden Noorani and Golden Jubilee Didars, let us practise our faith with conviction by attending Jamat Khana regularly, submitting dasond, saying three Duas on time, practising bandagi because it is a luminous prayer, reciting angelic salwats, performing abundant dhikr, performing volunteer service, balancing din and duniya, and accumulating material, spiritual and luminous nazranas in our personal worlds. Educational resources for these activities are listed under the knowledge bank link in left side menu.

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Global Prayer:
Ya Ali, Ya NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam, grant us, our families, our Jamats, the worldwide Jamat, the Muslim Ummah, and humanity at large, luminous (noorani) and spiritual (ruhani) tayid (help) to advance materially, spiritually and intellectually.

O Mowla make us One global Jamat with One Sound Heart (Qalb-i Salim), bless us with the Golden Noorani and the Golden Jubilee Didars, and empower us to present Material, Spiritual and Luminous Nazranas. Ameen.

Haizinda — Qayampaya
(Our Present Imam is Living and His NOOR is Eternal)

Peace, Light, Barakat, Tayid and a 'Golden Noorani Didar',
Noorallah Juma
Monday, March 26, 2007

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