Towards the Inner Vision of the Truth


"But God will deliver them from the evil of that Day, and will shed over them a Light of Beauty and (blissful) Joy." — Holy Qur'an 76:11


Imamat Day 2008 :: A Time to Reflect on the Luminosity of
NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam (a.s.)

Ya Ali Madad. On the auspicious occasion of Imamat Day 2008 and the commencement of the extended Golden Jubilee year till December 13, 2008, accept our heartfelt felicitations. May the peace and baraka of NOOR Mowlana Hazar Imam be on you, your family, your Jamat and the Worldwide Jamat. May Mowla bless the global Jamat with Golden Jubilee and Golden Noorani Didars! Ameen.



Let us reflect upon the luminosity of our Holy Imam by studying the deeper meanings of the phrase "noorun âla noor" (light upon light) which appears in Surah Noor, Ayat number 35:

  1. Light upon Light
    The expression "light upon light' (Holy Qur'an 24:35) has great secrets:
    1. "Light upon light, that is, after one light there is another light. By this light are meant the Prophets and Imams, who in their respective times are mazahir and the lights of the Light of God, while God Himself is the Light of lights and according to "light upon light" there is unity of lights in the Imam of the time.
    2. Write number one on the tablet of your imagination, then repeat exactly the same shape on it, a thousand time. Where is the number thousand in the imagination? There is nothing except the number one. This is the unity of light upon light.
    3. There are four levels of light: light of Divinity (24:35), light of Prophethood (33:46), light of Imamat (57:28) and light of mu'mins, but light upon light indicates that all lights become one (as there is a concept of annihilation and survival with God)." [Source: Sublime Realities, p. 55]
  2. Recognition of the Holy Imam in Four Places Simultaneously
    "God has praised the Imam in four places: Lâhut (World of Divinity or Oneness), Jabarut (World of Light or Intellect), Malakut (World of Angels or Souls) and Nâsut (World of human beings)." [Source: Subtle Realities, p. 5]

    Therefore, it is important for us to recognize the Holy Imam at four places simultaneously: Firstly, as a person in this material world. Secondly, as a great soul through the practise of faith and dhikr. Thirdly, as a great Light through the practice of Baitul Khyal and Ism-i Azam. Fourthly, in the World of Oneness, where we will be first annihilated in the Light of the Holy Imam and then will be given eternal existence.

  3. Faith is Purified by Light
    "Regarding faith there is a Hadith: "Faith is recognition by the heart, affirmation by the tongue and action with the limbs". From the above mentioned Hadith, it is clear that without recognition, it is impossible for faith to become perfect and complete, and recognition is directly related to light (of the Holy Imam in our foreheads), in whose illumination are seen and recognized faith and all its accessories. Therefore, the Wise Qur'an has commanded us to believe in God, the Prophet and the Light: "So believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Light which We have revealed" (64:8)." [Source: Rubies & Pearls, p. 12]

    Therefore, it is important for us to recognize the Holy Imam at three places simultaneously: firstly, as a person in this material world; secondly, as a great soul which can be experienced through the practice of faith and dhikr; thirdly, as a great Light that can be seen in the forehead through the practice of Baitul Khyal and Ism-i Azam.

    A mu'min has to be first annihilated spiritually into the Light of the Holy Imam and then enter the World of Oneness. Allah does not punish such a great mu'min by annihilating him/her instead each one will be bestowed with eternal existence in God's Oneness.

    In the next six months, we have a grand opportunity to go beyond the material and experience the real essence of our Holy Imam. The path has been set, the journey has already began, the horizon is promising, and the reward is eternal existence! For us, the Holy Imam's light is like a sun and his mercy and guidance is continuous, perpetual and everlasting. To be or not to be annihilated in his light is all in our own hands and it depends on our intention (niyat) and action (amal). Certainly, we trust in Mowla's light only (Rakh Mowla je Noor te yaqeen)!

Global Prayer:
Ya Ali, Ya NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini Hazar Imam, grant us, our families, our Jamats, the worldwide Jamat, the Muslim Ummah, and humanity at large, luminous (noorani) and spiritual (ruhani) ta'id (help) to advance materially, spiritually and intellectually.

O Mowla make us One global Jamat with One Sound Heart (Qalb-i Salim), bless us with the Golden Noorani and the Golden Jubilee Didars, and empower us to present Material, Spiritual and Luminous Nazranas. Ameen.

Peace, light, barakat, tayid, and Golden Jubilee & Golden Noorani Didars,
Noorallah Juma
Sunday, July 13, 2008