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"Allah is the Protecting Guardian of those who believe. He bringeth them out of darkness into light." — Holy Qur'an 2:257


:: Holy Ginan No. 27: Syed Abdul Nabi's Venati karu(n) chhu(n) Saheb mora ::

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

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Eji Venati karu(n) chhu(n) Saheb mora
Ne hasine saamu(n) juvo ji
Hasi bolaavo maara hansaji-na raaja
Sharam hamaari Ya Ali toye ji
  I entreat You, o my Master,
to look at me with a smile as I stand before You.
Call me with a smile, O Sovereign of my soul.
My honour is in Your keeping, O Ali.
Eji Kar jodine em maa(n)gu(n) ho Saheb
Aash hamaari Ya Ali puro ji
Hame gunehgaari bando dosaari
Maaro jivdo chhe tamaare hajur ji
  With humbly folded hands I ask, O Master.
Fulfil my hopes, O Ali.
I am a sinful and blameworthy creature,
and my soul lies before You.
Eji Vaacha paalo mora Kaayam Sami
Ame aavya chhu(n) tamaare sharane ji
Ati aadhin thai paayaj laagu(n)
To paap hamaara Ya Ali parharo
  Fulfil Your promise, ever-living Lord,
for I have already come to seek refuge with You.
In most humble dependence I cling to Your feet,
so remove my sins, O Ali.
Eji Paap parhari Saheb bhetiya
Ne hetesu(n) haido maaro harakhiyo
Moro man baandho aapna alakh saathe
Ami maharas bhirakhiya ji
  After removing my sins the Master embraced me,
and my heart has rejoiced in love.
My mind is fixed upon my invisible Lord,
as I consume the nectar of great bliss.
Eji Bhai re moman tame bhaave aaraadho
Ne hetesu(n) harine aaj ji
Jeñe ek manthi aapna Saheb sreviya
Te paamiya avichal raaj ji
  O brother believer, adore with earnest intent
and love the Lord today.
Those who worship their Master with singleness of mind
attain the everlasting kingdom.
Eji Kaayam Sami Shah Kahek maa(n)he betha
Ne Ali raope avtaar ji
Paatr sitoter Imam chaalis
Partak Shah Nizar ji
  The ever-living Lord and Master has his seat in Kahak,
manifest in the form of Ali.
He is the seventy-seventh vessel and fortieth Im
am, made manifest as Shah Nizar.
Eji Shah Nizar jene bhetiya
Teni kaaya avichal thaay ji
Paap jaave sarve bhav taña
Pachhe dehi teni nirmal thaay ji
  Those who have met Shah Nizar
become everlasting in form.
The sins of all their existences disappear,
and then their bodies are purified.
Eji Pop parmal dehi chhe nirmal
Sahejethi satpanth dhiyaavo ji
Hira-rie vira tame parkhine lejo
Nahika fokat khaaysho fera ji
  The body becomes purified like a fragrant flower,
so you may effortlessly contemplate the True Path.
But examine the diamond carefully, O brother, before buying it,
otherwise you may vainly suffer the cycles of return.
Eji Aash puri Sahebe uniya-chaarini Shah Nizar Shahni vaar ji
Umed dharta aashaj pahonchi
Ne bhetiya tantav didaar ji
  The Master has fulfilled the hopes of His imperfect handmaiden,
for it is the age of the Lord Shah Nizar.
Through maintaining hope, all the expectations are fulfilled,
and the vision of reality is encountered.
Eji Aap pirsaade Sahebe ardaas saambhli
Amne kidha te jooga joogna daas ji
Bhane Pir Abdul Nabi haathidu(n) dejo
Aasha kaljoog vikhdo sonsaar ji
  Through His grace the Master has heard my prayer,
and made me his humble disciple for age after age.
Pir Abdul Nabi says: help me in my hopes,
for the world of the present age is full of evil.

May our beloved Imam NOOR Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini (a.s.) grant you, your family, your Jamat and the worldwide Jamat luminous (noorani) and spiritual (ruhani) tayid (help) to advance materially, spiritually and intellectually, and may He grant you the inner vision of the Truth. Ameen.

Haizinda — Qayampaya
(Our Present Imam is Living and His NOOR is Eternal)

Rakh Mowla je Noor te Yaqeen (Certainly, we trust in Mowla's Light only),
Noorallah Juma
Twenty Seventh Night of Ramadan Mubarak

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