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The guestbook is now closed but you are welcome to view comments from 1999 to 2008 from people across the world!

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Posted: 7:43 AM, May 04, 2004
Name: Ameen A. Muhammad
Location: Miami ( USA )
Comments: As-salam-mu alakum, Salman's wisdom was so great that he recognized the army of ants that was beneth his feet.

Posted: 7:05 PM, May 02, 2004
Name: Anar Adatia
Location: Richmond Hill ( Canada )
Comments: Would it be possible to receive notices regarding events such as the current 40 day prayers? I found out from a friend and missed several days.

Posted: 7:43 AM, May 02, 2004
Name: Shabegem
Location: markham ( ontario )
Comments: i love your website! you did a wonderfull job on creating this site!

Posted: 11:22 AM, April 30, 2004
Name: Noorez Devraj
Location: West Vancouver ( Canada )
Comments: Well done! Have you considered linking this site with

Posted: 2:54 PM, April 10, 2004
Location: STAMFORD CT ( USA )
Comments: Aslam-O-Alaikam, I need references of NADAY ALI. Please anybody can email me that when the NADAY ALI was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and which books have that reference. JAZAK ALLAH. Manzoor H. Jaffery

Posted: 3:41 AM, March 10, 2004
Name: murad
Location: karachi ( pakistan )
Comments: hi yam to all ismaili iam so hapy to visit that web side but i feel if you provied this all material in urdu

Posted: 12:23 AM, March 06, 2004
Name: Imam
Location: Fairfax ( usa )

Posted: 6:57 PM, February 12, 2004
Name: Nargis Hirji
Location: Calgary ( Canada )
Comments: An exccelent way of accessing the Ismaili tradition and tariqah. Wealth of resource at my fingertips.Bravo

Posted: 9:06 AM, February 07, 2004
Name: akhlaq hunzai
Location: hunza ( pakistan )
Comments: ya ali madad! its really very inspiring and may moulah gives u happiness and victory in every sphare of life ,its nice to c your site ,that gives us very mush information about my own community,and enable me to know my own culture and else.. moulah may gives its reward. as a ismalia muslim its our duty to seperate the message of peace and harmony in the whole region of the world and u r doing just great job.

Posted: 11:10 AM, February 01, 2004
Name: Rizwan
Location: Calgary ( Canada )
Comments: Beautiful, totally magnificent. Wonderful website to learn from. Keep it up and may the blessing of ALLAH (Shah Karim) always be with you.

The lit candle represents the Light of Imamat. Let us actualize this Light into our spiritual hearts, heads, & consciences so that we may also be able to submit spiritual & luminous nazranas in the Diamond Jubilee.

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