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"Allah is the Protecting Guardian of those who believe. He bringeth them out of darkness into light." — Holy Qur'an 2:257

Lessons from the Supplications of Amir al-mu'minin, Hazrat Mowlana Murtaza Ali (a.s.) as recorded in Nahjul-Balagha

(A lesson about how to pray for His forgiveness)

Lord! Forgive my sins which Thou know better than I. Lord! If I repeat these sins please let Thy forgiveness cover them again. Lord! I have always promised myself to obey Thy commands and have always broken these promises. Forgive this weakness of mine. Lord! I have always declared that I shall come near Thee but my mind (has) opposed this, forgive this fault of my mind. Lord! Forgive the sins committed by my eyes. Forgive my vicious and sinful utterances, and forgive my inability to resist temptations. (Ameen)

(Following is one of the prayers often repeated by Hazrat. Through this prayer he teaches us that not only wealth but contentment is also necessary to keep one's dignity.)

O Lord! Protect my prestige and dignity by making me free from wants, by teaching me contentment and satisfaction with what You have granted me. And please God do not let abject proverty and destitution lower my status and position in the eyes of society and force me to go begging from those who are wicked and vicious. Lest I may lose nobility of my character and start praising those who give me anything, and slandering and back-biting those who refuse to come to my help and lest I forget You altogether and overlook the fact that You and You alone can bestow anything and everything if You like, and prevent everything from reaching anybody if You so desire. Verily You have Power and Might to do as You desire. (Ameen)

(This prayer teaches what to ask of God and how. It further explains the attributes of persons who may be considered as the friends of God.)

O Lord! You love your friends more than they have ever been loved by anybody. You are the best and the most speedy Helper of those who rely upon nobody else but You. You know their secrets. Everything which is hidden in their minds is an open secret to You. You are fully aware of the depths of their knowledge and the flights of their imaginations. Your friend's highest ambition is to be in Your vicinity and Your favour. If remoteness from Your realm and Your favours disturbs and worries them, they get solace out of Your praise and recollection. If calamities and misfortunes befall them, they seek Your protection. They know that You are the master of everything and nothing can happen but with Your permission.

If I am confused and perplexed in asking of you the best of Your favours, then Lord lead me and guide me to beg of You of only such things as will be eternally beneficial to me, and looking to Your benevolence, mercy and grace in granting favours, I feel that such guidance will be neither too big for You nor a novelty. O Lord, please decide my case on basis of clemency and forgiveness, and not on the principle of justice and true reward. (Ameen)

(While burying the Holy Prophet (s.a.s.), Hazrat delivered the following short sermon.)

O Prophet of God! I love and respect you more than I have loved and respected my parents. Your death put an end to the prophethood, to (the) revelation and to your messages from the Lord. While death of other prophets had not resulted in this way. Your death caused your Ahlay Baith (progeny) to be so grieved that every other grief was forgotten; the grief of your separation became common sorrow and everybody felt it. If you had not ordered us to be patient and not to lament and bemoan loudly, we would have kept (on) weeping and lamenting ceaselessly, though all this weeping, lamenting and bemoaning could not have been comparable with the actual loss of your separation. But death is an inevitable event, nobody can turn death back and nobody can stop it from coming. Please remember us before God and please do not forget us. (Ameen)

End Notes

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